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Vegan Black Bean Protein Pasta

FINALLY a vegan protein-packed pasta my fit friends will love… Prep: 10 minutes / Cooking: 20 minutes Vegan & Gluten-free Option Transitioning my healthy eating meant relearning how to cook – adapting traditional recipes and new food combinations. I love modifying recipes to my…


Baked Oatmeal – Quick and Easy, Nutritious On-The-Go Meal

There’s nothing worse than trying to eat healthy, yet getting caught out hungry – on the road, work, school …whatever. Store bought protein bars are EXPENSIVE, not to mention full of unnecessary additives and way too much sugar! The really good ones are costly…


Pumpkin Spice Muffins: Healthy Bites You Can Eat Every Day

Starting your day off right with a healthy, yet equally delicious meal makes sense, right? What’s more inviting than ready-made muffins? Eat them alongside your favorite cup of morning coffee, or spread with almond butter for a satisfying snack. Super fast, simple recipe that…

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