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Are You All In? Cause Quitting Isn’t an Option…

Nothing frustrates me more than watching someone with HUGE potential just give up. I’ve seen it playing sports, running races and even working out at the gym…

You quit – you fail. It’s that simple.

Too many people start an exercise program only to stop because of the work it’ll take to achieve their goals.   Immediate gratification is just not possible – fitness is a progressive journey that requires commitment and sacrifice.

Believe you me, though, it’s certainly worth it.

It’s Not Lucky Genes, It’s Seriously Hard Work

I’ll be the first to admit, it took me several years to get where I am today. Along the way I achieved several milestones, yet I also had some setbacks. Sometimes I took two steps forward, only to go back another three…

Shit happens.

I do know this, though. My daughter saw it all – the ups and downs, the victories and the failures. What my daughter remembers most? I never gave up.

Every day is a new opportunity to recreate, renew and revitalize your life. That, my friend, is your choice…you own it.

Making the decision to live a healthier, more active life is not a quick fix. Success comes through sacrifice, not overnight miracles. Make a concerted effort each and every day to move forward in the direction of your goals, not just physical, but mentally and emotionally also.

If you put in the hard work, the daily grind, in time you will see results. Fitness is moreso a test of personal willpower than it is about athletic ability and fortunate genes. Achieving optimal health and fitness is all about perseverance…going the distance. Committed athletes understand this.

The Champion’s Mindset – Why Everyone Can Achieve This

In my article What Does It Mean to Be an Athlete? I said, “Everyone has the potential to be an athlete, but not everyone will become one.”

We are all born with bodies capable of incredible things. Some lucked out with natural athletic talent, while others inherited physical limitations or health problems that made optimal fitness more challenging. 

Nonetheless, each and every day I read stories about amazing people who turned their lives around. I’m not talking about losing 100 pounds and fitting into skinny jeans; I’m talking about real people who overcame significant life impediments to achieve healthy, fit bodies. It’s truly awe inspiring.

So, what’s the catch? What’s the magic formula? There is none.

Champions believe in themselves…they believe in possibility.

Having a champion’s mindset is all about self-belief, personal accountability and mental toughness. Anyone can adopt this same ethos, personally and professionally.

No one is going to do it for you. This is not a team effort. You and only you can make it happen. It’s true, champions surround themselves with supportive people – coaches, mentors and colleagues; yet they alone determine their success.

Develop a champion’s mindset and it will have an empowering effect on your life.

I made a commitment to myself and my daughter to never quit again. Never hang my head, never bow down and, more importantly, never to give up on myself and my dreams. Since that day, I left an abusive marriage, overcame significant health problems and professional disappointments. What people see today – an exceptionally healthy, super fit athlete; a PhD in History, With Distinction; and a successful grassroots social media presence – was the result of several years of dedication, serious hard graft and sacrifice.

That is the legacy I’ll leave for my daughter; that is the example I want her to emulate.

You alone have the potential to be a champion in your own right, to your kids and to others around you. You alone have the choice to either thrive, or just survive.

And, hell! It’s not just about winning…just being there, showing up and being all in makes you a winner.

So, don’t just sit on the sidelines watching other people go the distance. Don’t be the one who quits and walks out halfway through the game.

This is your life…own it!

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